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We only use globally recognized compliance and cybersecurity solutions.

Enhanced assessment

Rapidly identify and triage critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities for immediate redress.

Automated protections

Simplified configuration designed from an “automation first” perspective.

WCAG & ADA compliant

Sustainable web accessibility solutions that are driven by powerful patented AI technology.

$9.44 M

U.S. Data Breach Costs

The average cost of a data breach in the United States in 2022.

(IBM Data)


Russia-based Attacks

The percentage of cyberattacks from nation-states that originated in Russia.


$10.5 T

Cybercrime Costs

The predicted cost of cybercrime annually by 2025.

(Cybersecurity Ventures)

George E. Jones, Jr. cybersecurity expert
George E. Jones, Jr.

The Intrinsic Security Practitioner

Protecting your business is our business.

We’ll provide you with experienced cybersecurity services.

Enhanced vulnerability assessment

Utilizing a powerful, patented combination of data assessment tools, CyVision helps us provide answers to these critical questions:

  • Where am I exposed
  • What do we do first?
  • How can I improve our overall Security profile?

CyVision gathers and aggregates scan data, ACLs, and log/big data – including Pen tests.

We visualize your network and translate critical findings into simple, easy-to-understand illustrations.

Advanced analytics prioritize the hierarchy of cyber vulnerabilities – identifying high-valued assets directly or indirectly at risk.

Automated protections

Protection is a journey – prevention is just the first step and it must be end to end. Prevention or detection of an attack instance is critical – but it’s only the beginning.  You must assume that the malicious artifact that was identified is the mere tip of the iceberg. 

Cynet 360 is the only solution that triggers an automated investigation following each endpoint, user, or network alert, fully disclosing its root cause and scope and applying all the required remediation activities.

Cynet 360 AutoXDR™ includes next-generation user behavior analytics, endpoint detection and response, network detection, network traffic analysis, honeypot deception, SaaS security posture management to protect SaaS applications, network detection and response, and security orchestration and automation response.

2022 MITRE ATT&CK Leader

Cynet performed strongly in the 2022 MITRE ATT&CK evaluation, outperforming most vendors in several key areas.

visibility and detection across each of the 19 MITRE ATT&CK steps evaluated
vendor in number of prevented attacks and in speed of prevention in total
prevention rate across the 9 tests conducted by MITRE
vendor in detection coverage (98.2%) across the 109 substeps conducted

WCAG & ADA Compliance

More than a billion people with disabilities need to interact with the digital world, just like everyone else. Here’s why going beyond automation and regulation is the right approach for any organization:

Protect. Detect. Respond. Heal.

From start-up businesses to global enterprises, we offer effective solutions across your entire digital ecosystem.

We’ll help you reduce the risk of a cybersecurity attack while meeting global compliance standards.

We’ll help you reduce the risk of a cybersecurity attack while meeting global compliance standards.

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